At-Home Lab Tests

At our First Consultation, we will work together to determine which tests are appropriate based on symptoms.

  • Food Sensitivity Test Learn which foods cause MILD or MODERATE delayed issues for you by testing your levels of sensitivity to 190 common foods (finger prick blood test).

  • Candida(Yeast), Metabolic, and Vitamins Test Take this simple urine test for 75 markers known as metabolites or "waste" of acids to assess how well your digestive system is working as well as your Vitamin Levels, Energy, Stress, and Gut Flora Issues such as bacteria and yeast (urine test).

  • Stool Test Ideal for gut issues where bacteria, yeast, or parasites may be causing digestive imbalances and dysbiosis. If you've had unexplained body aches, headaches, and gut dysfunction despite a healthy diet and lifestyle, this test may provide answers (stool sample test).

  • Stress/Hormone/Mood Test This test measures your levels of thyroid, adrenal output (think STRESS), and hormones. In addition, you'll learn how well your blood sugar levels are being managed and where your vitamin D levels are at for optimal health, longevity & immunity! (saliva and finger prick blood test sample).

  • Omega 3 Test Knowing your Omega 3 versus Omega 6 levels is key to managing your cardiovascular disease risk. More importantly, this is an excellent indicator of inflammation in the body (finger prick blood test sample). Inflammation is behind MOST diseases!

  • Complete Minerals and Metals Test Know your level of minerals that are buffering STRESS in your body and learn your toxicity levels for common metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum (hair sample test).