Find out how Wellness Coaching can help you reclaim your HEALTH and understand what's causing your issues with digestion, hormones, and energy levels!

Meet Libby Murphy

I worked in "healthcare" for almost 20 years. While I can appreciate the amazing power of conventional medicine to treat acute illnesses, I do not support the concept of "a pill for an ill" or masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Every prescription has a long list of side effects which we've all heard at the end of the growing number of commercials we're watching. So I was constantly frustrated that physicians and caregivers were not focused on PREVENTING imbalances in the body but simply treating them with prescriptions without addressing the underlying causes. When this happened to me after the birth of my son, I had to FIGHT HARD to get the care I needed and avoid the surgeries and medications that were prescribed. I knew deep down that my body needed support and rebalancing so I "trusted my gut" and was able to heal without any permanent procedures. Having spoken to countless people, I know that many of us are searching for the WHY behind our symptoms. My goal is to help others uncover the root cause of their symptoms and rebalance their own amazing bodies so they can live each day fully!