Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

  • Be Well and Know does not accept traditional medical insurance. However, you may be able to request reimbursement from your HSA or FSA. Consult your plan directly to determine if the expense will be covered.

Why can't I order the labs myself?

  • Ultimately, you will be able to purchase the lab tests on your own. The ideal scenario is to complete a consultation prior to this in order to be sure we have the MOST valuable lab tests for YOU (and not more than you need). In addition, Be Well and Know will read your results, answer questions, and make lifestyle recommendations based on the lab test results.

I have lab results already, can you read those labs instead of ordering new ones?

  • Absolutely. As long as the test results are the same type that are offered on the "Services" page, then you can book a Consultation to have these results read and/or compared to previous results.

Do I need to buy your supplements?

  • Of course NOT. Be Well and Know may recommend supplements from several manufacturers based on your needs. We DO recommend that you compare ingredients and, especially, sources of the ingredients in your supplement to ensure safety and efficacy of the nutrients.

Why do we need more than one appointment together?

  • Unlike traditional medicine, an Integrative Health Practitioner wants to understand all aspects of your life, including Diet, Exercise, Stress, Toxic exposure, Rest (sleep), Emotions, Supplements being taken, and your Mindset. Then recommendations will be made and progress will be measured. Perhaps we'll even make a few tweaks to your program. This takes several appointments to accomplish.

What can you offer that my other doctors haven't been able to address?

  • Please read the comments above about why more than one appointment is needed. In addition, an Integrative Health Practitioner is able to recommend simple at-home lab tests that provide insight into details about your symptoms that many traditionally trained providers have not yet learned to read and certainly don't have time to go through line by line.

Will you prescribe medicine?

  • An Integrative Health Practitioner does NOT prescribe any medications.

Can you talk to my doctor?

  • Any lab tests results can and should be shared with your current doctor. If needed, Be Well and Know can also speak with your doctor, though that will most likely occur during a scheduled consultation.