How do I get started? Send me an email so we can schedule a 15 minute Introductory Call and talk through your concerns and determine how  I can help! (

1) Consultation with Libby Murphy, IHP certified

A 45-minute appointment for when you already have lab tests and need an experienced Wellness Coach to review those results in order to provide more information. This hour can also be used as a follow up to previous appointments or packages.  


2) The Main Package (4 total sessions)

1) One 60 minute session for a COMPREHENSIVE overview of your symptoms and goals. Lifestyle changes will be introduced as well as recommendations for at-home lab testing (if needed). 

2) A second 60 minute session to review any test results and create a protocol that address any toxicities and/or vitamin and mineral deficiencies with recommendations for lifestyle changes and potentially scientifically proven supplement formulations.

3) A 30 minute follow up session to check your symptoms and make any necessary changes that are needed.

4) A 30 minute session to help you fine-tune your program and wean off any supplements that are no longer needed.

5) Weekly email communication for support!

$450 (lab tests not included)

3) The TOTAL Package

The Total Package includes "The Main Package" above plus FOUR (quarterly) 60-minute sessions over ONE YEAR. This package is recommended for those who know they need ongoing support and guidance.

$850 (lab tests not included)